Max Brumberg

I am a flute maker and overtone musician.
In 1995 I was first inspired by the sound of the didgeridoo to start working with overtones and the effects of resonant sound.
As I had always been a lover of nature and special places to be found in it, I started to travel to ancient sites through which experience I developed an intuitive improvised musical style using the overtones as a channel to the inaudible part of our existence.
Since then my repertoire has widened to include voice and resonant instruments including flutes, Jew's harp, singing bowls, gongs amongst others.
Through my interest in instruments I began to experiment in making them myself. On my travels I learnt from master craftsmen about the manufacture of various instruments, principally flutes.
Travelling with my instruments and my music, I aim to reconnect people with themselves and their natural environment. The world is sound, as J.E. Berendt tells us, and the natural harmonies of the overtone scale reflect the same underlying patterns as are found throughout the natural environment and the cosmos, it is the scale that leads us back to ourselves and our roots.