How to order a flute?

Please send me a request about your desired flute using the contact form below.

If you do not know what type of flute to choose, I will gladly advise you.

I have some flutes in stock, otherwise I can build one according to your needs. If so, I will inform you about the current delivery time.

On request, I can send you the current price list.

Payment is made by bank transfer to my bank account or via Paypal (plus PP-fee).

Some criteria for your selection

– Type of flute (overtone flute, Fujara, Kaval, …)
– Key and length (refer to pricelist)
– The sound character of overtone flutes (full, strong, fine, delicate, windy)
– Aspect of the flute: rather simple, straight or with natural forms, branch knots etc.
– Special requests (e.g. a longer blowpipe for the Fujara, a surface treated with oil…)

flute-forest overtone flutes

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