Moldavian Kaval

The Moldavian Kaval is a fipple flute and has a similar mouth-piece to the overtone flutes. It has 5 finger-holes. Its tuning has semitones that give it an oriental or balkan character.

5-hole kaval in C:
C D D# F# G G#
A B C D# E F

As Neyval or 7-hole kaval I make it with 6 holes on the front and one for the thumb.
Fingerholes for Neyval in C or in A (the thumbhole can be tuned a halftone higher or lower on demand)
C D D# E F# G G# Bb
A B C C# D# E F G

Commonly I make these flutes in C,B, A and G
other tonalities on demand

Traditionally it is sung into it in same key in which it is tuned.
In some places a very windy tone is produced whereby the lips are brought to the end of the labium, so disrupting the tone (Picture).

Improvisation with Julien Aslak Aho (Soma Handpan) and Max Brumberg Kaval in A (moldavian style 5-hole)

Cezar & Anatolie Cazanoi--Hora din caval

traditional Caval playing

other tunings on request

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