The main material consists of wood from the elderberry, an ancient medicinal plant and the tree of Mother Hulda.
I gather it in our local forests in the early winter months according to the lunar calendar.
If cut at the right time and correctly stored, this wood gets almost as hard as boxwood. I store it a few years before I transform it.
Its soft core helps me to centre the drill.
Anyone interested in texts on the mythology of the elderberry is welcomed to contact me.

juniper tree

Juniper or cedar serve me as block material. Similar to cedar wood, the juniper wood is quite insensitive to moisture. I find Juniperus Oxycedrus in southern France.
The hard core has a strong fragrance. It is our local Palo Santo.

I bath my flutes in pure linseed oil and a bit of mustard oil. Once dry, the flutes are polished repeatedly. For their protection, they get a surface layer based on natural resins and / or shellac.

The unique forms of each elderberry branch, their little branch knots, inspire me sometimes to incorporate stones and shells. I find small spiral shells on the Spanish Atlantic coast. Over the years, I have gathered through exchanges a small but exquisite collection of semi-precious stones and gems.