A devotion to sound and music, a love of nature and air as an element is what led me to make flutes. I invite you all to look at the pictures, listen to the sounds and explore the world of my carefully and lovingly crafted instruments.

Since time immemorial there have been shepherds, bards, minstrels and musicians conjuring sounds from the wood of the elder, hazel and juniper trees. I have made it my task to continue in the old traditional ways as I supply today's musicians and soundsmiths with their instruments.

Each one is produced on an individual basis, just as in nature each branch grows as a perfect individual, it acquires its own voice by the craft of my hand.



Köstliches Füllhorn
Unser ganzes Wesen nährend
Du wurzelst im Herzen
Du suchst nach der Seele
Du berührst mit Bescheidenheit
Hilf uns, den Gebenden in uns zu finden
Andere nährend und heilend
Aus einer überlaufenden Quelle
der Glückseligkeit.
(Fred Hageneder - Geist der Bäume)