2015 Cave Recording Sessions – watch the preview video

2015 Cave recording sessions

This recording is part of a series of recordings I realized this winter with various friends like Maxence Bervoet, Rudie Wienand and Guido Falke.

A journey into the 'Cueva de la Pileta' with music recorded in the same cave.
The recordings were taken in various sites in the cave, like the 'Sala del Pez', the 'Salon del Lago' and 'Los Organos'.
Two of the tracks are accompanied by percussion played on speleothem drapery. Ringo Starr played on it in the 60s and thousands of years ago our ancestors played on it during their rituals.
The natural acoustics of the cave give a beautiful and magic ambiance and for us it was great inspiration. The idea of these recordings was to deepen into the sound and music of our ancestors and to get a feeling for the sites of rituals and contemplation.

The 'Cueva de la Pileta' is known for its extraordinary cave paintings and beauty. Thanks to the Bullon Family the place is well preserved and still possible to visit.

Jose Tomas Bullon made it possible to have this very special experience of recording in the cave.

The pictures are old postcards of the cave, thank you to José Aguilera and Jose Tomas Bullon for providing the material


Maxence des Oiseaux:
Flute Corne, - Os, -Traversiere, Water, Overtone Flute

Max Brumberg:
Fujara Flute, Overtone Flute, Didgeridoo, percussion on speleothem drapery

All musical rights are by Max Brumberg and Maxence des Oiseaux
A release for the complete recordings is planned and estimated for end 2015



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