new series of youtube videos

I recently released a series of new videos on my youtube channel. They were all shot while a concert we had in one of our local romanesque churches. The one below is me playing Aulos. There are more videos with instrument combinations like Fujara and Duduk or Chalumeau. Please also visit the channel to see […]

La Venus de la Pileta

La Venus de la Pileta – Cave Recordings, Maxence des Oiseaux & Max Brumberg

Feel invited to join us on this sound-journey into the depths of the inner earth, where the nourishing qualities of stillness and the intimacy created by the darkness of the cave are a call to remember and honor our connection with the divine. The Story of the Cave Recordings In the early spring of 2015 […]

Cd Veröffentlichung: Cave Recordings – Cueva de la Pileta

Listen to a snippet from the CD: CD I CD II Wir freuen uns sehr, das erste Album ‚Cueva de la Pileta‘ unseres neuen Aufnahmelabels ‚Cave Recordings‘ vorzustellen. Die Veröffentlichung wird Anfang November sein. Das Album wurde im Frühling 2015 in der Höhle ‚Cueva de la Pileta‘ in Andalusien aufgenommen. ******************** Besucher der Cueva de […]

2015 Cave Recording Sessions – watch the preview video

This recording is part of a series of recordings I realized this winter with various friends like Maxence Bervoet, Rudie Wienand and Guido Falke. A journey into the ‚Cueva de la Pileta‘ with music recorded in the same cave. The recordings were taken in various sites in the cave, like the ‚Sala del Pez‘, the […]